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Wilson Spin Duo

Wilson Spin Duo

SKU: TS4-79

Wilson Spin Duo 16G combines Ripspin’s co-polyester bite with the softer feel, comfort and power of Synthetic Gut Power for a great spinning string that plays softer. This is a great hybrid for the player who wants the control and spin benefits of polyester and also have the comfort or feel of synthetic gut. This hybrid is a great option for players wanting to move up to more spin, decent feel, and really good durability. Suited for all levels of hard hitters.


Composition: Co-Polyester (Ripspin), Synthetic Gut (Synthetic Gut Power)

Gauge: 16 / 1.30mm (Ripspin), 15 / 1.40mm (Synthetic Gut Power)

Color: White (Ripspin) / White (Synthetic Gut Power)

Length: 20 ft / 6.1m (Ripspin), 20 Ft / 6.1m (Synthetic Gut Power)

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