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Wilson Sensation 16g – Neongreen

Wilson Sensation 16g – Neongreen

SKU: TS4-92-16

Availability: 21 in stock

Category: Strings

Brand: Wilson

  • Description

    • comprised of xycro microfibers with very high strength to weight ratio, providing arm friendly comfort and playability
    • Microfibers bonded together using special DuPont polymer
    • Favorable vibration dampening characteristics
    • The original high performance multifilament string
    • String Gauge: 16G
    • String Material: Polymer
    • String Type: Multifilament
    • Color: Neon Green
  • Additional Information

    • Weight: 1 Ibs
    • String Package: Single Set
    • String Type: Multifilament
    • String Guage: 16
    • String Color: Green
    • String Gauge Search: 16G
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