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Wilson NXT String

Wilson NXT String


Category: String

Brand: Wilson

  • Description

    Wilson NXT String is one of the most popular multifilaments ever made by Wilson. Excellent comfort, touch, power, and feel all in one string. Also holds tension surprisingly well for such a soft playing string. Players with Tennis Elbow sufferers should seriously consider NXT for some relief. NXT also offers 10% increased sweet spot size over other synthetic gut strings, and 74% less unwanted vibration and shock. This string packs plenty of power for players needing a little help in that department also. NXT is a great all-around string for players at any level….and also a great option to soften up that stiffer playing poly hybrid.

    Composition: Multifilament, Xycro Microfibers bonded to polyurethane

    Gauge: 16 / 17

    Color: Natural, Black

    Length: 40 ft / 12.2m

  • Additional Information

    • Weight: 0.13 Ibs
    • String Color: Black, Neutral
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