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Tennis Cube w/Oscillator

Tennis Cube w/Oscillator

SKU: TE35-29O

Category: Tennis Ball Machine

Brand: Tennis Tutor

  • Description

    Tennis Cube very simply does what a ball machine is supposed to do, throw tennis balls so you can practice your strokes. Just turn it on, set the ball speed, adjust the elevation if necessary, and you are ready to start practicing.
    You can change how often Tennis Cube throws balls from every two seconds to every ten seconds, and anywhere in between so you can practice at your own pace. Tennis Cube holds a full standard pick-up basket full of balls. And Tennis Cube even politely waits ten seconds after you turn it on before it begins throwing balls, giving you time to walk to the other side of the net.

    A smart battery charger is included that recharges Tennis Cube overnight, and which can be left plugged-in continuously without overcharging the battery.

    Tennis Cube with random oscillator that automatically throws balls in a sweeping pattern from side to side so you get a great workout while hitting balls on the run.

  • Additional Information

    • Weight: 25 Ibs
    • Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 36 in
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