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Bakko Backboard Economy Flat 8′ x 20′ – 5 Panel

Bakko Backboard Economy Flat 8′ x 20′ – 5 Panel

SKU: TE124-EF5

Availability: Call for Availability

Categories: Court Equipment, Backboards/Rebound Nets

Brand: Bakko

  • Description

    ***Product is on backorder and product is delivered about 16 weeks after orders are placed******


    Visually looks like 8′ Flat Slimline series. Designed to compete with those who build wood backboards. Each panel contains sound deadening interior (no metal interior frame) and is encased in the same outer fiberglass and gel coat shell coated with Imron paint. Three horizontal rows of pressure treated 2 X 4’s (provided) are mounted to fence post. Holes are then drilled through panels at appropriate heights (instructions explain this) and attach panels (5) with provided green faced bolts.

    Installation requires more carpentry skill, however it remains very simple and quick to mount. Although not as quiet as our other backboards, it is quieter than an average wood backboard. It looks much better and does not fade, warp, peel or rot in 2-3 years like wood backboards. Economy series is competitive in price when factoring cost of materials, design and construction, filling, painting/repainting, installation and labor of a wood backboard. Economy series is often sold for driveways and backyards but requires mounting 2 or 3 standard fence post in the ground. Space required: Width of backboard and length of 40′ (service practice requires 39′, distance from baseline to backboard). Typically purchased by budget conscious court owners, driveways, schools and parks where noise is not a major issue.

    Size: 8′ X 20′

    Number Of Panels: 5

  • Additional Information

    • Weight: 9999 Ibs
    • Court Equipment Type: Backboards/Rebound Nets
    • Court Equipment Color: Green
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