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Babolat EVO Aero Prestrung Tennis Racquet Yellow

Babolat EVO Aero Prestrung Tennis Racquet Yellow

SKU: BR218

Category: Tennis Racquets

Brand: Babolat

  • Description

    A quick and easy way to get to the court with the perfect balance of power and comfort with every hit. The Babolat EVO AERO has been redesigned, so it’s easy to put spin on the ball and feel more secure. With its modern, sporty design, this racquet is a safe bet for any intermediate player!

    Evo tennis racquets feature Babolat’s Syntec Evo grip, which feels soft and cushioned for maximum comfort on every hit.

    Features of the Babolat EVO AERO:

    Power / Comfort / Easy Spin

    WOOFER SYSTEM – The first and most effective frame-string interaction system that provides a longer ball and string contact time for greater control and comfort.

    SPIN ALPHA – The aeromodular frame was redesigned and upgraded with a brand-new 16×18 string pattern, that makes it easier for you to start generating more ball effect. Enhanced trampoline effect provides you more easy power with a reduced amount of energy.

    EVO 4 FEEL – Our engineers fine-tuned the SMAC EX technology to make the most of it. Located in 4 key spots of this aeromodular frame (3’/6’/9’/12’), the viscoelastic material dampens vibrations and provides a softer sound, resulting in greater comfort on every stroke.

  • Additional Information

    • Weight: 2 Ibs
    • Dimensions: 30 x 3 x 13 in
    • Adult Racquets Grip Size: 2-4 1/4", 3-4 3/8"
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