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Pro-Tec Hamstring Compression Wrap

Pro-Tec Hamstring Compression Wrap


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Categories: Fitness/Therapy , Accessories
Brand: Pro-Tec Athletics

  • Description

    Hamstring Wrap Compression Wrap
    Application: Alleviates conditions of hamstring tear or strain.
    How It Works: Absorbs stress, stabilizing hamstring area. Consistent compression may help reduce pain and prevent further injury.
    Design Theory: The Hamstring Compression Wrap is designed with a 4″ by 6″ compression pad to provide targeted compression where you need it. In addition, a dual strap attachment makes it easy to adjust tightness and compression of the brace.

    One Size Fits All

  • Additional Information

    • Weight: 0.25 Ibs
    • Fitness/Therapy Type: Wraps & Supports
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