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Pickleball – Indoor Balls – Lime Green (12 Pack)

Pickleball – Indoor Balls – Lime Green (12 Pack)


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Category: Pickleball Balls

Brand: Tourna

  • Description

    Make sure you have this 12 pack of Tourna Pickleballs on hand to keep the game going with no disruptions!  Designed especially for indoor use, each ball is regulation size and  meets USAPA/IFP standards for bounce, weight and diameter.

    • Tourna Indoor Pickleballs in high visibility Lime Green
    • 26 holes allow the ball to fly at the right pace for indoor play
    • Precision uniform holes allow for a straight flight
    • Extra durable construction
    • 12 Pickleballs per pack
    • Ideal for Indoor Play
    • Made to USAPA/IFP Specs for Construction, Size, Weight, Bounce, Hardness and Design
  • Additional Information

    • Weight: 1 Ibs
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