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Clash 100 Pro V2 Tennis Racket

Clash 100 Pro V2 Tennis Racket


New design meets signature performance with a twist: the Clash 100 Pro V2 upgrades playability while maintaining the remarkable blend of flexibility and stability synonymous with the Clash franchise. Boasting a revised construction at the tip of the hoop, this racket significantly augments the sweet spot for more consistency on off-center contact. Super head-light for excellent control over the racket head, the Clash 100 Pro V2 dials up attractive design with an embossed Clash logo on the throat and an anodized elastic finish for a smooth, rich look on the court. Racket includes Agiplast plant-based end cap, bumper and grommets to reduce waste and lower environmental footprint.


  • Additional information

    Head (sq cm)645

    Head (sq in)100

    Length (cm)68.58

    Length (in)27

    String Pattern16X20

    Strung balance (cm)31.6

    Strung balance (pts)-8

    Strung weight (grams)326

    Strung weight (ounces)11.5

    Taper System (mm)24.5

    FBUnstrung balance (cm)30.6

    Unstrung balance (pts)-12

    Unstrung weight (grams)310

    Unstrung weight (ounces)10.93

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