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Babolat Syntec Pro Replacement Grip

Babolat Syntec Pro Replacement Grip


Category: Grips

Brand: Babolat

  • Description

    The Babolat Syntec Pro replacement grip is the first choice of competitive player, and was instantly adopted by Team Babolat on the pro tour. It is 10% thinner for a better feel for the ball on the racquet which gives you more control and accuracy on touch shots. The tacky surface on this grip will ensure that the racquet will not twist in your hand, further improving your accuracy. The Syntec Pro grip is intended to replace your current grip and retain the original grip size.

    Colors: Black, Blue, White, Yellow

  • Additional Information

    • Weight: 0.13 Ibs
    • Overgrips/ Grips Colors: Black, White
    • Overgips/Grips Size: 1- Pack
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