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Babolat RPM Dual String 17G

Babolat RPM Dual String 17G

SKU: TS8-102-17

Babolat RPM Dual String 17 gauge sporting a sleek two-tone black and white color blend, marks the most durable member of the RPM family in a thinner 17 gauge. Babolat adds a titanium co-polyester for greater wear resistance. This also allows the string to hold tension better than most co-polyester strings. RPM Dual 16 gauge is ideal for big hitters who are looking for maximum control and super durability. Just like the original RPM Blast, this one is made with a slick cross-linked silicone coating so the main strings slide and then snap back into position with every stroke. The 17 gauge equals heavier spin with less effort and still offering enhanced durability.

Construction: Co-polymer Monofilament
Gauge: 17 / 1.25mm

Color: Black & White

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