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Babolat Pro Tour Traction Overgrip

Babolat Pro Tour Traction Overgrip


Category: Grips

Brand: Babolat

  • Description

    Babolat Pro Tour Traction overgrips is constructed with tacky feeling polyurethane elastomers, or TPU’s, combined with a special grooved pattern to give you a comfortable, secure grip. The Pro Traction overgrip is designed to be installed on top of your existing grip so you don’t loose the original grip size or shape while benefiting from a more tacky feeling, absorbent hold on your racquet. Three overgrips come packaged in a handy reusable plastic case.

    Colors: Black, White, Assorted-Yellow/Black/White

  • Additional Information

    • Weight: 0.13 Ibs
    • Overgrips/Grips Colors: Assorted, Black, White
    • Overgrips/Grips Size: 3- pack
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