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Wilson NXT String 16G Natural 200M Reel

Wilson NXT String 16G Natural 200M Reel

SKU: TS4-27-NXTR-16

Availability: Out of Stock

Category: String

Brand: Wilson

  • Description

    Wilson NXT 16G combines Dupont Xycro Micro fibers with polyurethane resin and coating for optimal feel, comfort and playability. Wilson’s best-selling premium performance string it’s an Ideal choice for tennis elbow sufferers. The addition of the patented Dupont Xycro Micro-Fibers helps to increase the sweetspot size and reduce vibration for greater arm comfort. The multifilament construction has an outer coating of polyurethane resin coating to seal the tiny fibers for enhanced durability. The resin material also helps to soften the feel of the string, providing comfort and power. This is a great string for anyone with a sensitive elbow, or someone looking for natural gut like performance from a synthetic string.

    Construction: Multifilament polyamide

    Gauge: 16G

    Color: Natural

    Length: 660′

  • Additional Information

    • Weight: 1 Ibs
    • Dimensions: 12 x 6 x 2 in
    • String Type: Multifilament
    • String Guage Search: 16G
    • String Package: 660' Reel
    • String Gauge: 16
    • String Color: Natural
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