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Wilson Duo Feel Element 1.25 & NXT 16 String

Wilson Duo Feel Element 1.25 & NXT 16 String

SKU: TS4-91

Availability: 1 in stock

Category: String

Brand: Wilson

  • Description

    Wilson Duo Feel is one of the more comfortable hybrids offered by Wilson. It includes Element 16L, which blends comfort with impressive spin, precision and durability. Element is paired with the ultra plush NXT 16, one of the most popular comfort strings ever made. Taken together, this combination gives you a phenomenal blend of control, spin and feel.

    To emphasize control, spin and durability, put Element in the mains. To emphasize comfort, feel and power, put NXT in the mains.

    • Gauge: Luxilon Element - 1.25mm / Wilson NXT - 1.30mm
    • Length: 40ft/12.2m (total)
    • Composition: Luxilon Element - co-polyester / Wilson NXT - multifilament
    • Color: Element - Red / NXT - Natural 
  • Additional Information

    • Weight: 1 Ibs
    • String Color: Bronze
    • String Gauge: 16/16L Hybrid
    • String Package: Single Set
    • String Type: Hybrid
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