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Scoreband – Terry Tennis Wristband Tab Point Scorekeeper

Scoreband – Terry Tennis Wristband Tab Point Scorekeeper

SKU: TSU12-43

Availability: 353 in stock

Categories: Tennis Accessories, Score keepers

Brand: Clarke

  • Description

    Scoring takes just a fraction of a second and lets you concentrate on the game, not the score.

    Packaging contains two wristbands; a score keeping band and a plain band.  80% cotton, 20% spandex.  Wash in cold water only.

    To use:

    •  For easiest use wear the scorekeeping band on the wrist that holds the racket.  Low numbers should be closest to hand, high numbers closest to the elbow.
    • Choose a color for yourself.  The other color is the opponent’s.  Open tab as soon as the point is won.
    • At 40/40, either work back up the band, closing tabs as points are won, or close all tabs and start over.
  • Additional Information

    • Weight: 0.25 Ibs
    • General Accessories Type: Misc/Various
    • General Accessories Color: White
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