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Babolat Custom Damp – Round – Round Box of 48 – 2017

Babolat Custom Damp – Round – Round Box of 48 – 2017

SKU: TTA7-67-J

Availability: Out of Stock

Categories: Vibration Dampeners,  Tennis Accessories

Brand: Babolat

  • Description

    The customizable Babolat vibration dampener used by Rafael Nadal! You can add the removable center insert with tiny steel beads inside it to adjust the Custom Damps level of vibration dampening. Its ideal for any players wanting to adjust the dampener according to their need for ball feel. 3 different colour combinations to match your racquet: black/yellow, black/red, and white/blue.

    Colors: Assorted, black/yellow, black/red, white/blue

    Shape: Round

    Box Contains: 48 assorted dampeners

  • Additional Information

    • Weight: 1.8 Ibs
    • Dampeners Colors: Assorted
    • Tennis Accessories Type: Dampeners
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